“Quick Rick” is the Wrigley Field scoreboard operator. He’s known for posting balls and strikes seemingly before the umpire calls them. Today The Heckler sits down with “Quick Rick” for an interview.

“Quick Rick” Fine, thanks.
TH How are you, “Quick Rick”?
QR In the press box.
TH Where do you sit during the game?
QR You pay a fee at the Public Relations desk.
TH How do people get their names on the scoreboard, for birthdays, anniversaries and such?
QR I get there 3-4 hours before the game.
TH What time do you arrive on game day?
QR I enter the pitch speed but the radar gun is run by a guy downstairs.
TH Do you also operate the radar gun for pitch speed?
QR Players ask me for my autograph, so I would say I’m famous, yes.
TH You’re a legend here. Ron Santo always talked about you during his broadcasts of Cubs games.
QR Twenty-five years.
TH You must be here, what?
QR I can’t believe I get paid to do this.
TH What is the coolest benefit of your job?
QR I have no other job responsibilities.
TH What are some of your other responsibilities on the job?
QR I was an Astros fan.
TH Who was your favorite team as a kid?
QR I read the umpire’s body language. I have all their idiosyncrasies down pat.
TH Tell us exactly how you can put up a ball or strike before the umpire calls it?
TH Thank you, “Quick Rick.”
QR You’re welcome.
TH I notice I got the jump on you that time. I said something before you replied.
QR You didn’t ask a question. You said, “Thank you.”
TH Oh.
QR You’re welcome.

By Rob C. Christiansen