Following reports that Packers QB Aaron Rodgers’ refused to settle a bet with ’90s R&B group Boys II Men based on the outcome of last Sunday’s Packers-49ers game, allegations are now surfacing that suggest the incident may only be one of several disputed wagers between Rodgers and other decades old music acts.

Sources report UB40 was also let empty handed following a bet from the Packers’ NFC playoff loss to the New York Giants last January. Lead singer Duncan Campbell has yet to cash in on the Olive Garden dinner that was on the line for the tilt. “He’s always ducking us. And when I confronted him about, he blushed deeply as he started to whimper and moan about being short on cash; he let out a really red, red whine.”

A similar story surfaced from the Spin Doctors, who were also unpaid after the Packers gunslinger reneged on the case of beer he owed the “Two Princes” hitmakers after the Packers dropped a late season contest to the Chiefs last season. And it doesn’t appear to end there. Maxi Priest, Fiona Apple and Bell Biv DeVoe are among the other bettors who won games against the former Cal QB only to be stiffed when it was time to pay up.

The NFL has a strict no tolerance policy toward betting and commissioner Roger Goodell has confirmed an investigation is underway. The league will speak with sports books at various Las Vegas casinos, as well as the cocktail lounges of some the third rate, off-strip properties where the singers that Rodgers prefers to bet with now perform.

Nick Kotwica