While most fans dream of their favorite football teams running the table and going undefeated through the NFL season, one Green Bay Packers fan is putting a different spin on the idea of a perfect season.

“Yeah I always used to root for the Packers to go 16-0,” says 35-year-old cheesehead Cain Woods. “We were so close last year, even with a crap defense. I bet we could have done it this year if we really tried against San Francisco.”

“But I just heard of this phrase that goes, ‘A tie is like kissing your sister.’ And then it hit me: That’s awesome. Can someone tell me why we wouldn’t want to have a game end in a tie all the time?” Woods asked.

“It’s not that crazy,” continued Woods. “Think about 0-1-15. Theoretically, how can they keep us out of the playoffs if we have fewer losses than all the other teams? So it still works out. And once we’re in the playoffs, maybe we don’t choke again.”

Woods is now attempting to start a Twitter campaign with the hashtag #FTT (For The Tie!) during all Packers games to show support for his hometown team.

“I’m hoping this hashtag gets the word out, and people will climb aboard the bandwagon. I’m thinking of printing some 0-1-15 shirts too,” Woods says.

“I think Packers fans should really embrace this idea. I mean, who wouldn’t? It’s like kissing your sister every week!”