After a devastating loss to the University of Louisiana-Monroe Saturday, the Arkansas Razorbacks took an unprecedented tumble in the national rankings. The light of a new day showed that the team, ranked eighth just days earlier, had fallen completely out of the Bowl Championship Series. They had landed in the sports twilight zone once known as “Division II.”

It is rumored that in Division II or the “FCS” as it’s now preferred to be called, there is a playoff system in place to determine the best team in the country. For years, scholars disputed the very existence of such a logic-based league. But the disappearance of Arkansas from the top tier of college football confirmed the existence of such a league.

On the list of the top 25 FCS teams Arkansas shows up in second. FCS commissioner, and Billings, Mont., Petco assistant Mmnager Stew Bubben was asked about the ranking of new member Arkansas.

“A team of their talent level and recruiting standard would normally be the best team in the FCS … but come on, did you see that game?” said Bubben. “There is no way we would make them No. 1 in the nation. That would just be embarrassing for us.”

Here are the Week Three FCS Top Ten Rankings:

1) North Dakota State
2) Arkansas
3) Northern South Dakota State
4) Central Oregon Cosmetology
5) Greenwich Villige Tech
6) Col. Sanders A&M
7) University of Illinois-Iowa: Bettendorf Davenport-Rock Island Moline
8) John S. Hopkins Accounting School of Hair Design
9) Key West Automotive College
10) University Miami (Puerto Rico)