Well folks, looks like he’s finally had enough. Much-maligned Mets’ manager Terry Collins officially resigned from his post with the team on Friday night after his squad fell to the Atlanta Braves by a score 0f 3-0, being shut out yet again by a mediocre pitcher, this time Paul Maholm. To say the least, Collins has had a rough go-of-it in his nearly two full seasons at the helm of our beloved Mets, sporting a combined record of 142-158.

Collins’ resignation had been hinted at by the skipper ever since he started with the team, mainly due to the ineptness that the Mets’ franchise normally displays. In addition, Collins also mentioned in his exit press conference that upon his leaving the Mets’ organization, he would immediately start work as a librarian in Greenwich, Connecticut, where he has a home.

“Sorry guys, but I just can’t do this anymore,” Collins said at Citi Field this weekend, formally announcing his resignation. “It takes a severe toll on a manager to have to put players in the lineup day in and day out who are simply awful at their jobs, which is to just be competent as the sport of baseball. Jason Bay, Josh Thole, Manny Acosta, Andres Torres, ‘Spinner’ [Jordany Valdespin] just to name a few; I’m looking at all you guys. Honestly, these players stink, as does most of the rest of the roster I have been unfortunately dealt with. Players that are this bad cannot help this team become a winner, regardless of how well, or poorly, I manage them. Goodbye New York, and good riddance.”

After leaving Citi Field after the press conference, Collins climbed in his car and drove up to Connecticut to start his first day as a librarian as Greenwich’s Community Library. According to reports, he was heard screaming “Hallelujah” as he drove up the I-95.