Mets’ star pitching prospect Matt Harvey has been tearing up the National League in his first handful of game, including his debut performance against the Diamondbacks in July when he struck out 11 batters in just under six innings of scoreless ball. Harvey’s continued success has surprised the Mets front office since highly-touted prospects are normally ruined as they make the transition from the minors to the beleaguered Major League club.

“Truthfully, I’m stunned right now and can’t believe what my eyes are watching when Matt starts games for us,” GM Sandy Alderson said after Harvey’s win over Philly Wednesday. “The Mets organization has a knack for completely destroying the careers of young, promising players upon their entry to the big leagues as that trait is a trademark of our team. The fact that Matt Harvey has successfully been able to come up through the ranks of our farm system unscathed and then pitch well when with our big league club is nothing short of impossible. Normally, with someone with Matt’s ability, we would’ve already screwed him up somehow but I guess we didn’t with this guy. Would you look at that?”

Granted, having a home-grown pitcher have success in the majors is a given for all other MLB teams but for the Mets it seems to be a rare anomaly. Commissioner Bud Selig has deemed Harvey’s rookie success with the Mets to be suspicious and has already started an investigation into the matter.