The Cubs trade of catcher Geo Soto to the Rangers earlier this week was barely headline-worthy material for fans, but another segment of the city’s population is reportedly “despondent” at the news.

“Man, I’m totally depressed he got traded,” said Mike Collins, a Logan Square marijuana dealer who counted on known pot smoker Soto as a key client. “He was supposed to come through with a bunch of cash he owed me for his last shipment. Now I don’t know how I’m going to pay for my Lollapalooza tickets.”

Collins wasn’t alone. Throughout Chicago, pot dealers are fearful of the pinch they’ll be in now that Soto’s been shipped to the Rangers. Some are even considering following him there.

“Man, Geo was my lifeline. I might have to set up shop in Texas now,” said another dealer. “What state is Texas in anyway?”