It’s the most talked about hairline in sports, but it won’t be seen for the duration of the Olympic Games. With permission from the International Olympic Committee, LeBron James will wear his Opening Ceremonies’ beret during game play.

“I like the hat is all,” fibbed James. “It has nothing to do with my hairline; I’m just sick of headbands and want to express my patriotism. Besides, I’m not balding, that’s just trickery in the arena lights.”

The Committee hoped James would convince his teammates to follow suit and wear the beret to appear uniform on the court, but only Russell Westbrook signed on, stating that it “just fit his oddball style.”

“Bron needs to just embrace his baldness and be done with it,” said USA teammate, Carmelo Anthony. “I couldn’t wait to get that Frenchie hat off my dome, and he’s gonna be wearing it while he runs up the court? He can forget about me passing the ball back to him.”

LeBron’s coach, Mike Krzyzewski, said he didn’t love the idea of his star player donning headwear on the court, but didn’t want to “ruffle any feathers, and ruin team chemistry.”

“From one champion to another, I just told LeBron he could do what he wants out there,” a candid Krzyzewski admitted. “Now if only we can get something to cover up [Anthony] Davis’s eyebrows, we’d be in business.”