A minor uproar sounded last week when word dropped that team U.S.A.’s Olympic uniforms had been made in China. Embarrassed, the U.S.O.C. worked fast to clean the mess up. But now – with those uniforms returned and new American-made apparel acquired – there is one more (bigger) problem: the gross misspelling of the country’s abbreviation.

As the United States of America’s best warm-weather athletes walk out to represent their country during the Olympic games’ opening ceremonies, their domestically-attired chests not-so-proudly boast: “U.A.S.”

“I’m frankly appalled and amazed,” said Richard Scott, owner and operator of Stripes on Stars Garb, which provided the uniforms. “As the boss, I feel like I should take at least partial responsibility for my company’s part in the error. But we all know who is at fault: the workers. One of them wanted to blame the poor penmanship on the order. Another cited outdated machinery. I blame them both on the American education system.”

Bandwagon Dan