If Bud Light is the official beer of the Yankees, then why is Mark Teixeira set to appear as the spokesman in a run of commercials for Keystone Light?

The Coors Brewing Company recently inked the Yankees slugger to a five-commercial deal in which he will don the famous “bitter beer face.”

“If you’ve ever seen Mark’s face when he swings the bat, you’d know he’s the perfect pitchman for our Keystone Light product,” a marketing exec at Coors stated. “Get ready to see that ugly mug everywhere.”

Teixeira is contractually free to endorse any product he pleases, but the news of his latest cash grab isn’t sitting well with some higher ups in the Yankee’s organization.

“I can’t fault a man for getting money… even though we’re paying him more than God,” said Yanks owner Hank Steinbrenner. “It just would have been nice if he found a different product to endorse. Now I got the Anheuser Busch people on my ass.”

In response to Steinbrenner’s “embellished” remark, the Anheuser Busch Company sent out a press release stating: “Mr. Steinbrenner is mistaken. You think we care about Mark Teixeira and his dopey face? You got another thing coming.”

They even went so far as to commend Coors on their “brilliant” hire.

The commercials are set to start filming in early July, so you can expect to see the “expressive” face of Mark Teixeira all over your television set sometime in late-summer.