In an attempt to infuse some much-needed life into the Bounty Paper Towel brand, New York-based ad agency 72 Degrees & Crispin has secured sponsorship rights to the 2012 New Orleans Saints, fresh off the team’s scandal that involved putting “bounties” on opposing squad’s players.

“Is it risky?” asked creative director Bob Benson. “Maybe. But you don’t win a bunch of awards and make a splash for the client going back to that ‘quicker picker upper’ song. This kind of out-of-box idea is sure to grab people’s attention and break right through the clutter.”

When asked if he was concerned aligning the Bounty brand with a team known for dirty play, Benson smiled.

“Dirty play, huh?” he said. “Sounds like they need some paper towels to clean that mess up! Bam. It’s called marketing genius, pal.”