Major League Baseball took the bold step of affixing Phil Humber’s perfect game with an asterisk in the official record book. The non-traditional asterisk — a Mariners’ logo — symbolizes Humber’s gem coming against a team that won a combined 128 games the previous two seasons.

“Phil Humber pitched a wonderful game,” said Commissioner Bud Selig, “but future baseball fans should be aware it came against the definition of futility.”

Many baseball fans and history buffs spoke out against the controversial move by MLB.

“A perfect game is a perfect game,” said Sox fan David Reynolds. “Look, everyone understands it came against the hapless Mariners, but it doesn’t matter. World War II didn’t get an asterisk after France fell to Germany in like five minutes in 1940. History is filled with whipping boys; it doesn’t need to go on record.”

Selig has also decided to affix a Cubs’ logo asterisk to the winner of the 2012 World Series, symbolizing the championship came in a season that included the 2012 Cubs.