A frustrated Cubs fan took to the streets Thursday night to protest the team’s league-worst 3-10 start. Finding a Dale Sveum billboard near his house, the fan used black spray paint to change the “Baseball is Better Here” slogan to “Baseball is Badder Here.”

“I’ve had it up to here with these bums,” said the graffiti artist who wishes to be known as “Ernie Banksy.” “I throw down my hard-earned money to pay my cable bill and watch these clowns, and this is the product they give me? The Cubs are more badder than bad.”

The Dale Sveum billboard is only the beginning, Ernie Banksy says.

“I will start a cultural revolution in this town. No billboard is safe. We fans shouldn’t put up with badder baseball. With this new hotshot management team in town, I expected the Cubs to be much gooder than this.”