Beleaguered Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen sparked another controversy Tuesday when he returned from a five-game suspension sporting an Adolf Hitler-style mustache, alienating more fans, including Miami’s large Jewish-American population and further jeopardizing the skipper’s job security.

“I didn’t mean nothing by it,” said Guillen. “I had some time on my hands during this suspension and decided to grow a mustache like one of my favorite athletes, Michael Jordan. I didn’t know people would think I grew it to be like Adolf [expletive deleted] Hitler.”

Guillen said he was sorry if anyone was offended by his facial hair, but offered a history lesson.

“I get why people hate Hitler,” said Guillen. “But people need to think about all the good things he did too. Germany was nothing until Hitler took over and then, boom, all the sudden Germany is this big country that everyone is afraid of. That’s the one reason I look up to Hitler.”