Several NFL teams were very pleased about the release of the new Nike league uniforms on Tuesday. Most of the uniforms maintained the traditional stylistic concepts of each team, with only minor changes to a few.

For example, the Seattle Seahawks underwent a color change and added an additional stripe to the helmet to signify the team’s fans as the “12th Man.”

For other teams, such as the Bears, Nike incorporated key features into the fabric and make of the uniform. A perfect example: the wide receiver’s gloves.

Most teams’ new wide receiver gloves create a team logo when the receivers place their hands together. But to fashion a uniform more adept to Bears culture, Nike officials decided to create a gigantic hole to be formed in the middle of the gloves when receivers attempt to place their hands together.

Nike boss, Phil Knight, explained.

“Of course the aim is to catch the ball,” said Knight. “But the Bears receivers have made not catching the ball a truly athletic endeavor. We at Nike thought this art should be respected as well. Now Bears receivers will not just drop passes, but have the passes completely pass through their hands in a flawless effort of endless, beautiful, futility.”

When asked to comment on the new uniform, recently signed receiver, Brandon Marshall, expressed concern. “I’m just hoping the new gloves can be fashioned to extend over my handcuffs,” said the new acquisition.

Manny L. Scoreboard