With the Dodgers selling for a record $2 billion, now would be a great time for Fred Wilpon to take offers on the Mets. Taking a page out of Magic Johnson’s book, former Knick Larry Johnson has already put together a group of investors in hopes of buying the Amazins for $2 million.

“It goes beyond the last name, man. Magic is a L.A. legend, just like I’m a New York legend,” said Larry, widely regarded as a “decent Knick.” “He’s blazing the trail, and I’m jumping aboard. I see this as a good way for the NBA and MLB to integrate.”

Forbes estimates the Mets’ worth at around $800 million, but that didn’t stop Johnson from making his offer. An offer that Fred Wilpon has already called “laughably insulting.”

“I believe my connection to NY is worth the $798 million difference that this Forbes dude is talking about,” Johnson continued. “Does the ‘4 point play’ ring a bell? And I’ll even throw out the first pitch dressed as Grandmama on Opening Day. You can’t buy that type of press.”

When asked to expand on why his offer was so low, Johnson let some of his negotiating tactics slip.

“Alright, alright. I low-balled em a bit. Truth is we think the franchise is worth something like $6 million, but there needs to be a little meat on the bone for me.” Johnson said. “I’ve been watching a lot of Pawn Stars to prepare, and the highest I’ma go is $3.5.”

Whether Larry chooses to believe it or not, the Mets aren’t expected to be sold anytime soon. With $2 million “burning a hole in his pocket,” Johnson has stated that if the Mets sale falls through, he may look into purchasing the WNBA, and promises that if his backup plan comes true, he’ll try his hardest to make a comeback as Grandmama.