Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni resigned from the team Tuesday after three disappointing seasons at the helm. On any other day, Knicks fans would be relieved, but unfortunately someone uttered the name “Isiah Thomas” as a possible replacement.

Thomas — who held many positions with the Knicks such as coach and GM over the last decade — is regarded as public enemy No. 1 by Knicks fans, but one of Owner James Dolan’s best friends. The threat of him coming back to the franchise is seemingly always a possibility.

“I will seriously never watch … I’ll never even say the word ‘basketball’ again,” said Knicks fan Alan Kenney on the prospect of re-hiring Isiah Thomas. “I see that man’s face in my nightmares. I would honestly rather see breaking news about a meteor heading for earth, than anything Isiah-related.”

D’antoni reportedly clashed with struggling star, Carmelo Anthony, and disagreed on the direction his team was heading. Ownership refused to blame Melo, although one high-ranking official did bluntly say “Calling Carmelo Anthony a shell of his former self would be an insult to shells everywhere.”

Amare Stoudemire, who has been coached by Mike D’Antoni for most of his career, was visibly upset when he heard the news.

“He was a God awful coach,” Amare sniffled. “But he was my God awful coach.”

As for Thomas, he declined to comment on the Knicks situation, but cryptically hummed the tune of the song “Coming Home” by Diddy Dirty Money – the same song used to advertised the acquisition of Carmelo Anthony just a year ago.