Peyton Manning spent six hours at the Arizona Cardinals’ training facility Sunday, which coach Ken Whisenhunt described as “very productive,” adding that he was “not at all concerned” about the series of large bolts and wires protruding from Manning’s surgically repaired neck.

“When you have the chance to pick up a Hall-of-Fame QB, you do whatever you can to make that happen,” said Whisenhunt. “You can’t expect a player with as much experience as Peyton to come your way completely unscathed, so if we have to deal with the fallout from his multiple neck surgeries, so be it.”

Whisenhunt said he was also not at all concerned about the WD-40 Manning applied to his neck every few minutes during his visit.

“Last I checked, WD-40 was not a banned substance in our league,” said Whisenhunt. “If we’re lucky enough to bring Peyton to the Cardinals and he’s able to play through his potentially debilitating neck injury with the aid of a household lubricant, then that’s just what we’ll have to do.”

Image by Joel N. and Daniel L.