Criticism that Aramis Ramirez is a distant and aloof teammate who fails to make any sort of connection with teammates or fans was reaffirmed last weekend when the third baseman reported to spring training for the first time as a Milwaukee Brewer, yet seemed completely unaware he was on a new team.

Ramirez strolled into Milwaukee’s spring training facility in Arizona last week calling everyone he saw “big guy,” “fella” or “buddy,” acting as if he should know all their names but had perhaps forgotten them. When pressed by the media if he even knew what team he was on, the clueless Ramirez struggled to find an answer.

“You know, I play for that team that’s from the city on that big lake where it’s cold in the winter,” said Ramirez, who signed a three-year deal with Milwaukee in December. “Lots of fans drunk on beer and swearing at me. That’s the team I play for, right?”