Jeremy Lin stormed onto the scene scoring the most points by any player in his first five NBA starts … he also led in turnovers.

“What’s with this dude, he sucks now,” said impatient Knicks fan Toddy the Body. “When’s Baron Davis gonna play?”
New York is a ‘what have you done for us lately’ type of town, and the tide already seems to be turning on the NBA’s newest star.

“I’ve had just about enough of Linderella. The dudes a glass slipper who turned into a pumpkin,” Toddy added. “I actually haven’t seen that in a while, is that how the story goes? “

Lin had a staggering nine turnovers in a loss Friday night to New Orleans, and has averaged 6.4 per start, which if prorated, would lead the league by a long shot.

“Jeez, I didn’t expect this backlash so soon,” a dejected Lin said. “I don’t like the new nickname, but I guess the puns finally ran out. I won’t lie, I’m Linsensed!”

The fans aren’t the only ones coming down hard on the reluctant hero. Taking a page from other New York City businesses, the famous Magnolia Bakery has decided to name a product after Lin. From this point on, all turnovers will be called “Jeremy Lins.”

“We’re just trying to strike while the iron’s hot,” said a rep from Magnolia. “We’re also going to call all the discarded pastries we throw in the dumpster, ‘Bill Walkers.’”