Breakout Knicks guard and Harvard grad Jeremy Lin has given hope to college graduates from around the country that they too can succeed in the NBA, long seen as a place where only men who didn’t complete — or in some cases never even attended — college could flourish.

“I just want everyone out there to know that the notion of the NBA being a dead end for guys like a degree like me is completely foolish,” said Lin a day after scoring a career-high 38 points against Kobe Bryant and the Lakers Friday night. “Or as some of my teammates might say, ‘It ain’t no bullshit.'”

College graduates like Christian Bulloch have already found inspiration in Lin’s performance.

“I used to think I could only make it in politics, high finance, the tech sector, law, senior management of Fortune 500 companies and much more,” said Bulloch, a recent Stanford grad, “but thanks to Jeremy Lin, I now know my college degree won’t hold me back from making a run at a career in the NBA as well.”