With a seven-game losing streak on their hands, the Blackhawks told season ticket holders Saturday to disregard playoff invoices they were sent last week, despite an initial due date of March 2.

“We sent those out when we’d lost three straight and were still sitting pretty in the West,” said president John McDonough. “Now that we’re completely off the rails, our season ticket holders might as well just go ahead and forget about paying for playoff tickets. Let’s keep it real here.”

McDonough said the uncharacteristic move was just his way of giving back to the team’s most passionate fans.

“It’s bad enough we’ve nearly doubled prices in some sections over the last few years, but to ask for a few grand from each of these hard-working individuals while we’re sliding toward the basement is ridiculous,” said McDonough. “So, fans who no longer have to pay for playoff games that probably won’t happen, you’re welcome!”