After wowing fans, commentators and fellow players at this weekend’s breakaway challenge during the All-Star game’s skills competition with his show-stopping performance¬†highlighted by an attention-grabbing Superman impersonation, Patrick Kane’s teammates are worried he’ll be reluctant to ditch the red cape he wore as a prop during the bit.

“He wore it around Ottawa all last night,” said Blackhawks teammate and fellow All-Star Marian Hossa. “And then he showed up wearing at the Arena this morning. I bet he wears it on the flight out of here too.”

A wrist injury forced Blackhawks team captain Jonathan Toews to miss the All-Star Game, but even while watching the action back home in Chicago he immediately became concerned Kane would be slow to let go of the cape and the instant attention it brought him.

“Oh man. Here we go,” said Toews. “We just got him to stop doing ‘The Kaner Shuffle’ and that was from two summers ago. If he tries to wear that cape during practice or a game I’m going get Coach Q to bench him until he takes it off, which might be a while.”

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