After the Giants’ NFC Championship win against the San Francisco 49ers last Sunday, coach Tom Coughlin couldn’t stop smiling, as his team was headed to the Super Bowl. However, Coughlin has stated multiple times at press conferences that he absolutely hates to smile, but that he can’t help it sometimes, especially when his Giants win playoff games.

That’s why Coughlin decided to undergo an experimental “permanent frown” surgery performed by the Hospital of Special Surgery in New York.

“This was a procedure that I have been thinking about undergoing for a few years, and I decided that right now, a week before the Super Bowl that we will probably win, was the optimal time to ‘go under the knife’,” Coughlin said.

It is believed that Coughlin will recuperate in time to coach in next Sunday’s game.

“It might sound weird, but I just hate smiling and it actually hurts my face whenever I do it,” said Coughlin. “So I figured if I couldn’t possibly smile, then my face would hurt less and I would be less angry all of the time. I was afraid that we might beat the Patriots and if we did, then I would end up smiling a lot, which would cause me extreme pain.”

This surgery wouldn’t be the first that Coughlin has undergone while with the Giants. He previously had a procedure done in 2006 to alter the pigment of the skin on his face. Prior to the surgery, Coughlin’s face would remain its normal peachy-color if the coach was angry at his players, but Coughlin decided he wanted his players to notice if he was angry at them by the color of his face at the time.