It was widely reported that the Pistons plane Roundball One’s emergency landing in Houston Monday night was due to a mechanical issue. It came out Tuesday, however, that the plane was actually forced to land prematurely due to coach Lawrence Frank’s uncontrollable flatulence.

Frank was quoted just minutes after the plane landed referring to the what the media and public thought was a faulty hydraulic pump: “To me, it was more protocol, what the pilot did. So there wasn’t any danger in the air, and there wasn’t any danger in landing.”

Players however secretly leaked to the press that there was in fact great danger in the air.

“We thought we were going to pass out,” said Jason Maxiell. “It was so stinky up there we were hacking and screaming. It was like the whole cabin filled up in a matter of seconds! We couldn’t breath!”

No word on whether or not Frank’s “mechanical issue” was fixed after the emergency landing or if he was simply forced to continue the ride in the overhead bin.