New to 49ers fan base, 24-year-old Phil Yerkes this weekend boldly proclaimed that Alex Smith is the most clutch quarterback in the team’s illustrious history, apparently completely unaware San Francisco was lead by Hall of Famers Joe Montana and Steve Young for 20 seasons in the ’80s and ’90s.

“Hands down Alex is the best QB the Niners have ever had,” said Yerkes minutes after Smith rallied San Francisco to a thrilling last-minute win over the Saints in Saturday’s NFC Divisional playoff game. “I can’t imagine anyone else in the history of the scarlet and gold I’d rather have leading our team on a final drive in a playoff game than Alex.”

Despite Montana and Young combining for five Super Bowl championships, the Marina resident also thinks that should Smith lead the 49ers to a Super Bowl win, it will be the franchise’s first ever.

“I know San Francisco has survived some lean times, so I can only assume there’s never been a Super Bowl title here,” said Yerkes. “I can’t wait until Alex brings the Bay its first Super Bowl title ever.”