Sunday night, the Green Bay Packers became the first team in NFL history to go one and done in the playoffs after winning 15 regular season games. After the shocking defeat, Packers fans took Monday off as a day of mourning and remembrance of the 2011-2012 season.

Many Wisconsin residents noticed that they didn’t even receive their mail, and banks, schools, and most offices were closed. Not surprisingly, nobody noticed that the libraries were closed as well, since no Packers fans actually read.

“We all thought the Packers were destined to repeat,” said one fan. “Nobody saw this coming, and we’re all still a little shocked and saddened by how badly our team choked. Since there’s nothing else to do in Wisconsin besides root for the Packers, I’m really glad the governor decided to name today an official day of mourning by closing all the banks, and giving our kids the day off of school.”