The Mets signed reliever Jon Rauch this offseason to help improve a bullpen that was one of the MLB’s worst last season. However, the team signed the 6’11” pitcher not just for his on-field prowess, but also for his extreme height and the entertainment value that comes along with his uncommon size among baseball players.

The team has announced that when Rauch isn’t pitching for the Mets, he will double as a stilt man who will walk around Citi Field and solicit donations of money from fans in exchange for a glimpse of his amazing height, which on stilts could reach 30 feet.

“Yeah, Rauch is a pretty good relief pitcher, but I’m confident he will be more effective as a circus sideshow for fans,” GM Sandy Alderson said at a press conference. “Frankly, the only reason right now for fans to come to the ballpark to watch us play is because Shake Shack is in Citi Field. But having Jon will give fans the best experience with a stiltman possible, regardless of how the team plays.”