Tim Tebow could have had his pick of the litter after leading the Broncos to an improbable overtime victory over the Steelers. The Denver quarterback was propositioned by 316 different women after the game but the Christian quarterback politely declined each woman’s advances. This is yet another sign that Tebow supporters believe alludes to the John 3:16 Bible verse.

“It takes a strong man to win an NFL playoff game,” said Tebow fan Richard Foster. “It takes an even stronger man to put his faith out there for the world to see. But to turn down 316 different hotties? Tebow is way stronger than I ever gave him credit for.”

Tebow passed for 316 yards in the win over the Steelers, averaging 31.6 yards per completion. His two bosses both are named John (Elway and Fox), another sign for Tebow supporters. The CBS ratings for the game even peaked at 31.6. But it is the 316 women that Tebow turned down that has turned skeptics into believers.

“I totally thought Tim would go home with me,” said Denver resident Christine Newberry, one of the women Tebow passed over Sunday night. “Instead I woke up alone and went to church. I prayed for Denver to beat New England next weekend. Go Broncos!”