Soft-spoken Tayshaun Prince is handling his team’s slow start so poorly that the depressed Pistons forward has been trying to cheer himself up by watching teen genre movies like Zac Efron’s 2009 comedy “17 Again” which he took in before Monday night’s contest with the Bulls at the United Center.

“We’ve had some lean years around he recently, but this season’s shaping up to the be worst,” said the 31-year-old veteran. “Watching movies like ’17 Again’ take me back to better days, like when I was a teen growing up in Compton.”

Naturally, his teammates are concerned.

“Ever since Rip left, it seems like Tay feels like he has no one to look up to so he’s been filling that void with some really damaging stuff,” center Ben Wallace said. “His Netflix queue has lots of Zac Efron and vampire movies in it. It’s got to stop.”

“We’re just waiting this out to see how long this will last,” coach Lawrence Frank said. “Hopefully Tayshaun grows out of this terrible phase soon and can start averaging double-digit point totals again since he’s pretty much all we’ve got.”