Just minutes after the announcement that Bears GM Jerry Angelo has been relieved of his duties, Twitter was abuzz with rumors that Cubs GM Theo Epstein was spotted at a local Starbucks. Numerous customers Tweeted that a black Honda SUV pulled up to the Starbucks on Roosevelt and State and a man looking like Theo Epstein popped in, grabbed a drink, then jumped back in his car and headed toward Soldier Field.

@ChicagoVince tweeted: “Was that Theo Epstien ordering a non-fat, sugar-free, venti, vanilla latte at the South Loop Starbucks?”

@Ten_Foot_Midget tweeted: “I think the Cubs GM has a bit of a coffee addiction #SouthLoopStarbucks”

And @RealHecklerBrad tweeted: “Why are so many Heckler writers at the South Loop Starbucks at 9:30 on a Tuesday morning…oh look, Theo is here too. ”

A Bears PR staffer refused to comment, just saying “We will discuss where they are headed at the 4pm press conference at Halas Hall.”

While on the North Side,  Cubs president Tom Ricketts was adamant that Theo is staying put.

“I don’t see Theo Epstein as the kind of guy that would be looking for another job while he’s still under contract with our team,” Ricketts said. “Theo is a loyal employee and has assured me that for whatever reason he’s just a big fan of ordering coffee at a Starbucks near the home venue of a team that recently fired its GM.”

Chicago Vince