When asked by a reporter what he thought about the resignation of Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz, Jay Cutler gave an enthusiastic thumbs up. Unfortunately for Cutler, it was the same thumb he broke six weeks ago and the sudden movement tore numerous ligaments. Cutler now faces an additional six to eight weeks of rehab. Experts immediately began questioning Cutler’s toughness after yet another injury struck the young star.

“I am trying to figure out Jay’s play here,” said ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer, doubting the authenticity of Cutler’s latest injury claims. “He doesn’t have a playoff game to fake an injury for. Maybe he has an upcoming video game tournament that he isn’t mentally enough to play in?”

According to Cutler’s Twitter account, he spent the holidays playing Monopoly with fiancé Kristin Cavallari and defeated her soundly. There is speculation Cutler is faking the was looking for a way to avoid a rematch.

“Cutler doesn’t have what it takes,” said former Bears head coach Mike Ditka. “I used to think Jay wasn’t ‘Chicago tough.’ Now I know he isn’t ‘Park Place tough’ either.”