In another money-saving measure, the New York Mets announced today that they will only use two outfielders at a time next season in order to cut down the big-league roster to 24 players, one player less than the maximum for MLB teams. This will reportedly be done so the cash-strapped team won’t have to pay out as many high salaries that are awarded to MLB players.

“I love the move and think it will save our owners, the Wilpons, a significant amount of money, which they need for the settlement from the Madoff fiasco,” manager Terry Collins said Saturday. “I think it will be challenging for me as a manager to provide a line-up and defensive arrangement that our team will be able to win with this upcoming season. Of course we won’t be very good record-wise but that’s not my problem. I’m just here to put on a happy face.”

The Mets will be the first MLB club in history to voluntarily forfeit the use of a third outfielder in the field. To honor their sacrifice, the Yankees will ceremonially give Mets management a trophy of mediocrity when the teams face off in Spring Training.

By Josh Burton, Follow him on Twitter: @Josh_Burton1