All 24-year-old Greg Lewis ever wanted was to see his beloved Knicks win a NBA championship. When a freak hayride accident placed him in a yearlong coma in 2009, it looked like he may never get that chance, but Greg persevered and miraculously woke from his slumber last Tuesday.

“I’m truly blessed to be up in time for Christmas with my family, and the start of Knicks basketball,” Greg said. “Since when does the season start on Christmas, by the way?”

A lifelong die-hard, Greg told us he had been down on the Knicks for years before his accident and had a hard time keeping the faith that his favorite team might someday compete again.

“Right before I got run over by that tractor, the Knicks signed A’mare, and were about to sign LeBron, so it was looking like I’d finally see some quality Knicks ball again” Greg said.

“Carmelo and Chandler are great consolation prizes, don’t get me wrong. Oh and I thought for sure Pringles (Mike D’Antoni) would have been fired by now.”

Surrounded by friends and family, Greg nervously watched the Knicks defeat the Celtics on Christmas Day.

Five days later, we met with Greg again to check on his progress.

“Yeah, I’m fine, great, but the Knicks aren’t, they look terrible,” Greg angrily ranted. “Mike Bibby and Toney Douglas are manning our point? Who the hell is Landry Fields? This team stinks, nothing has changed. I miss one season, and it’s the one time they make the playoffs in a decade?! Put me back under, I can’t be subjected to this anymore.”

Greg had to be restrained from knocking over the television set by his father who offered some simple words of wisdom, “Be safe, and relax, it’s only three games into the season.”