Handsome Hawks winger Patrick Sharp had a mighty month of December: He turned 30, became a father, scored two OT-winning goals during a monster NHL-leading point streak and helped his team climb to first-place in the conference. But Sharp still missed out on something when he let his punch card expire and lost out on a free sub sandwich.

“I’m not some kind of crazy coupon guy or anything,” said Sharp. “But that’s free food, man. I’ve got a kid now. I gotta think about these things. Can’t help but feel slightly disappointed in myself.”

Sharp admitted that, overall, he should consider the month a success. However, the fact that he was still eating subs while offering a card past its expiration date irked him.

“They could have warned me and I would have bought two subs right there,” said Sharp. “Now the club card is just sitting on my dresser, reminding me. I know I should just throw it out, but … starting over is the hardest part. Oh well. There’s always next month.”

By Dan Bradley

Bandwagon Dan