While many around the globe are fretting over the Mayan prophecy that the world will end in 2012, one group of people is looking forward to the destruction.

“Bring it on!” said lifelong Cubs fan Pete McManus, 74. “I’d rather see the Earth destroyed in a fiery apocalypse than sit through another season of maddening, mediocre baseball, only to see St. Louis or some other team I hate win yet another World Series.”

Cubs fan Sally Leonard agrees.

“Watch Soriano and Zambrano ruin our chances? Or the sweet release of the world no longer existing?” she asked, rhetorically. “I hope those Mayans were spot on about this year.”

Unfortunately, even the end of the world won’t solve everything at Sheffield and Addison, as former GM Jim Hendry gave many of the Cubs “2012” provisions in their contracts that ensure the player will be paid, even if the globe explodes.

Heckler George