In the wake of the Chicago Bulls signing guard Richard “Rip” Hamilton to the team before the shortened season begins, they shored up the backcourt with a complementary signing of WWI veteran Richard Harrow.

The signing of the two Richards gives the team an edge that was lacking on last year’s team full of nice guys that fell short in the playoffs.

“We had to shake things up this year,” Bulls GM Gar Forman said. “Did you see the Heat got new black uniforms? How can we compete with that type of badassedness? With the two masked Richards.”

Hamilton brings a solid shot and playoff experience to Chicago while Harrow is responsible for killing at least 43 of the Kaiser’s army.

Hamilton said that despite the fact that Harrow is over 100 years old and is a fictional character, he looks forward to playing alongside him and bringing the trophy back to Chicago.

Gregg Jaffe