A day after Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert said the NBA was running the risk of becoming a league with 25 teams that should be named the Washington Generals, their head coach and owner Red Klotz publicly took exception with Gilbert’s comments.

“I know we have the reputation of being a loser, but have you looked at Cleveland’s roster?” said Klotz. “They won 19 games last year. And don’t get me started onĀ  teams like the T’Wolves, Bucks, Pacers, Raptors, Warriors, Kings, Bobcats and Wizards. Our ball boys could give some of these shitty teams a run for their money.”

Klotz said the Generals have been conditioned by years of going against the Globetrotters, widely know for their showmanship when consistently whipping Washington in exhibitions around the world.

“I always say: Don’t count out the Generals,” said Klotz. “You have no idea what kind of damage we can do to an NBA team that’s only allowed to travel and draw phantom calls to gain an advantage in games rather than the Globetrotters who need to use props like ladders and buckets full of confetti to beat us.”