Facing an off-season of uncertain job prospects for the first time in his accomplished career, Jorge Posada is taking matters into his own hands.

The first step may have been the hardest – prying his old second baseman’s glove from Jorge Junior’s hands.

“He bit me, but otherwise, he took it pretty well,” Posada laughed, an ice pack draped over his swollen left hand.

Posada has been working through a series of infield drills at the Yankees’ Tampa complex, determined to win a starting job along the first base line. Rather than backing up defensive stalwart Mark Teixeira, he has set his sights on the coveted folding chair just beyond the Yankees’ dugout.

“I had spoken to Joe [Girardi] about my gunning the ball back to the pitcher and letting him relay to second on steal attempts – kind of a two-one-four putout – but he wasn’t crazy about the idea,” Posada said.

Girardi could not be reached for comment.

“This would be a win-win,” Posada insisted. “I’d still be wearing the pinstripes, and I’d be interacting more with the fans. Plus, this would help keep me in playing shape in case Russell, Jesus, Francisco, and Austin want to sit out the season series with Boston.”

Teixeira was receptive to the idea of Posada manning the chair behind him.

“Just write that I had something positive to say about it,” Teixeira said as he walked away, shaking his head.