Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh has filed suit in federal court Thursday arguing that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s two-game suspension of the star defensive lineman was culturally biased.

Suh received word earlier this week that he would suffer a two-game suspension for stomping Packers lineman Evan Dietrich-Smith. The move immediately prompted Suh to contact his staff of attorneys so as to launch their legal attack.

In his complaint for damages, Suh alleges cultural bias by the NFL because of what he characterizes as Goodell’s hatred for Suh’s longstanding family tradition of “clog dancing.”

“Anybody who appreciates the art of the clog dancing can understand that I was simply practicing the three-plunge hop,” said Suh. “It’s a very common clog.”

Lions head coach Jim Schwartz corroborated the story.

“It’s one of many dances he can do,” said Schwartz. “I quite often see him break dance. And I know he loves to waltz. Why the league has to hate on a guy’s heritage is beyond me.”

When asked for comment, Goodell’s only response was, “It sounds like he’s doing the Nebraska Side Step if you ask me.”

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