After an impressive knockout over arch rival Angelo Mosca, Joe Kapp is headed toward a career change, and he has Oscar De La Hoya to thank for it.

“Get ready, boxing world. Injun Joe is coming your way,” was how the former champ and CEO of Golden Boy Promotions introduced his latest client. “As soon as I saw him throw that right cross in the video, I had to sign him!”

Someone suggested a good first fight might be against HBO announcer Larry Merchant. De La Hoya laughed at the idea.

“I’m thinking about much bigger things.”

By bigger, could De La Hoya have been suggesting Manny Pacquiao or perhaps Floyd Mayweather? When asked who he might like to fight, Kapp downed a jigger of Dewars and bit the end off a cigar.

“I don’t give a shit,” he said. “Put any of those twinks making millions in front of me and you will have something.”

When his new boss tried to slide in close for pictures, Kapp pushed De La Hoya away and handed him his empty glass.

“Fetch me another scotch, Pablo,” he said. “I’m a little parched. And next time line me up a real opponent, not some gout-ridden has-been who needs a cane to get around.”