Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum decided he had enough of the drama and bickering between the Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez and sent them to famed sports therapist Dr. Charles Johansen, to repair the relationship between coach and quarterback.

“Rex and Mark were yelling at each other around the practice facility like four-year-old kids because of the benching and I simply had enough,” said Tannenbaum at his family’s Thanksgiving dinner. “Dr. Johansen is wonderful and will have Rex and Mark on speaking terms in a few days. At least they won’t be bothering with the complaining about each other and the tantrums. Oh, Mark’s tantrums are the worst. The next problem I have to worry about is getting someone to replace Mark, hopefully a quarterback with knowledge and skill. Have anyone in mind?”

Tannenbaum’s prediction would turn out to become true as Ryan and Sanchez were buddy-buddy again after only one session with Dr. Johansen. They have already started scheduling playdates and Sanchez said: “I’ll try my very best to beat Buffalo on Sunday for Rexy, not for the fans.”

By Josh Burton, Follow me on Twitter