After stating the Cubs managerial pool was set, the team has slated yet another interview, this time with the ghost of Sparky Anderson. Anderson, who currently sits at 2,194 career wins and three World Series titles, could not be reached for comment, mainly because he died in 2010.

Cubs President of Baseball Operations Theo Epstein confirmed to the media that the interview was set to take place at Wrigley on Thursday. Epstein advised that Jed Hoyer, the new Cubs GM, had originally planned to contact the spirit of Harry Caray in order to sway Sparky’s ghost, but it quickly became evident that even Harry’s ghost was too drunk to have any effect.

When asked how they could communicate with the ghost, Epstein cracked a smile.

“We have Whoopie, and I saw a movie as a child where she could talk to Patrick Swayze,” he said. “We’re really trying to get the right hire and if it’s a ghost, so be it … as long as that ghost has managerial or coaching experience at the big league level. Sparky has that experience.”