Many professional athletes have deferred money for the good of their team, but Alex Rodriguez just took things to a whole new level. Rodriguez, once called a “selfish 24+1 player,” proved just the opposite today when he came to terms on a five-year, $100 million contract with star free agent Jose Reyes.

This announcement marks the first time in Major League history a player has signed a contract with another player. Jose Reyes will receive paychecks from Alex Rodriguez, not the Yankees.

“Jose is one of the most dynamic players in baseball, and I feel he’d make a great addition to our team,” A-Rod stated in a press release. “With all due respect to Jetes, I just don’t feel like covering the hole anymore.”

The surprise signing has left the Yankees with their hands tied. With the departure of Jorge Posada, they can slot Jeter in as their everyday designated hitter, but the organization hadn’t planned on pitching the idea to the star shortstop until later in the off-season.

“Alex did this without permission from the team,” said Brian Cashman. “We have no intention to move Derek off shortstop anytime soon. I swear!”

Reyes is said to be thrilled he won’t have to move his family away from the city he’s played his entire career in. He’s also already predicted he will double his career output in home runs in New Yankee Stadium next season.

“I’ve got more money than I’ll ever need, I just want to win,” added Rodriguez. “I hope my teammates can respect that.”

Derek Jeter couldn’t hide his anger with the move, and called it a “desperate PR plea.”

“Someone inform Alex that I’m a five-time Gold Glover please,” pleaded Jeter. “Oh, and while you’re at it, let him know I’m in final negotiations on a four-year deal with Aramis Ramirez. Two can play this game.”