Local sports writers and radio personalities dropped the ball today when they failed to update the public on Matt Forte’s contract status for nearly a dozen minutes.

“First I tried finding some kind of news on Chicagosports.com, even if it was just old information recycled around a bunch of sad quotes from Forte,” said Bears fan Bob Benson. “But there was nothing from the last half-hour. Nothing! When I didn’t hear any of the radio guys talking about it either, I guess I just started to panic.”

Added Benson: “I thought local journalists had standards.”

According to a review of Chicago sports news outlets, Forte has been the subject of 85% of local coverage since September. Indeed, some writers have been forced to dig deep and come up with new ways to present the same basic details.

“I filed nine different articles yesterday, each with a unique take on the contract,” said Vaughn McClure. “I broke down his salary by yards per dollar. I wrote one column in Pig Latin. I even did a whole piece comparing Forte’s deal to a Happy Meal.”

Brad Biggs has vowed to not let this lapse of coverage happen again.

“I’m gonna come at this thing full-force and finally give Bears fans the coverage they deserve,” he said. “Two words: live Tweeting.”

In order to ensure they have the time to report on perhaps the biggest story in the history of Chicago sports, local reporters have signed a pledge to ignore the Cubs, Sox, Bulls, Blackhawks and every Bear besides Forte for the next two weeks.

Heckler George