Jay Cutler has a new admirer, with whom he now shares the unique quality of what the youth nowadays refer to as “that ass.”  What started with an innocent tweet from Cutler’s on-again-off-again girlfriend and reality starlet Kristin Cavallari, has turned everyone’s eyes towards the QB’s ba-donk-a-donk.

Cavallari tweeted before the Bears-Eagles Monday night game, “To the man with the best butt in football, good luck tonight @jaycutler6 ill be watching”

Apparently, this caught the attention of fellow reality starlet, media hog and new divorcee Kim Kardashian, who is most famous her own ample apple bottom and for ending her marriage to Nets forward Kris Humphries after 72 days.  Kardashian responded in a series of tweets,

“Did some1 mention ASS in the media? I kno they must be talkin bout me! OMG! xoxo”

“@JayCutler6 Even tho I’m not usually into white guys, I’d tap dat. But then again, Kris was sorta white, I think. OMG! xoxo”

Sources say that Kardashian first started to notice Cutler’s tight end when he attended an episode of ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ which starred Cavallari and Kardashian’s brother, Rob.  Cameras that night focused much on Cutler and Kardashian, who was about 20 days into her sham marriage.

“No wonder her marriage to Kris didn’t last,” said an anonymous source close to the situation (who would only give her initials, K.K.)  “Once she caught a glimpse of Jay ‘Buttler,’ it was over.  Kim’s now hoping Jay would be willing to change the spelling of his name to Kutler with a K.”

When reached for comment on his new-found status of being famous for having a fame-ass, Cutler acknowledged that he’s flattered by the attention.

“Ya know, it’s nice that people are noticing.  I’ve been working out a lot this past summer, and been getting some shopping tips from Earl and Lance and D.J., and the rest of the guys.  Remember those red pants I wore a while back?  I only bought them because they hugged my butt so good,” said Cutler.

Added Cutler, “Ya know, I’m back with Kristin now and it’s going good.  But I met Kim. Kim’s a great girl.  I’m honored to be mentioned with her because if anyone’s an expert on booty, it’s her.  Kim’s the biggest ass out there.”