LeBron James has picked up a new game during the ongoing NBA lockout – McDonald’s Monopoly. As depicted in a new commercial, LeBron defied one-in-four odds and won a free large fries, and thought it best to feed the hungry at his Miami based soup kitchen.

“I had already eaten the large fries that came with my Big Mac meal, so I wasn’t really hungry,” said the Heat star. “My soup kitchen was nearby, so I drove by and dropped em off.”

The former MVP opened “Ladles Love Cool James,” last year as part of his “Two Kings,” charity. He promised that as long as he was balling in South Beach, no one would go hungry, one of many promises that so far, are unfulfilled.

“They were grateful, and didn’t notice the few straggler fries I had eaten on the ride over,” he added. “I also signed some napkins for them, which in these hard times, can be used as currency.”

LeBron hung out with the malnourished citizens for fifteen minutes before he was literally whisked away. A crazed homeless man brandishing a large wire whisk chased the six-foot-eight forward out the door.

“I lost my house betting on you and those chumps Wade and Bosh,” the man screamed. “That damn French fry was the only thing you won this season, ya overpriced bum!”

Despite the scuffle, James was proud of his charitable actions, and says he hopes to win them a McFlurry next time he dines at Mickey D’s.

“It’s funny,” James said. “I wasn’t even sure I was gonna go to McDonald’s. It took me three hours to decide between there or Burger King.”

This time, his decision paid off.