In a decision with extreme religious overtones, Mike Ditka has decided to partner up with the Lord Jesus Christ in a joint venture rolling out Iron Mike’s Da Savior steak sauce.

“I am getting older,” said Ditka in between sips and bites of Da Coach Cabernet and Iron Mike Macaroons. “I figured I might as well team up with the big guy upstairs…or at least his only begotten son.”

The bottle features the Eddie Munster haired Ditka with his arm around a cartoon likeness of Jesus. It will debut at his Chicago restaurant. In addition, such items as Prince of Peas soup will soon appear on the menu.

“We want to license the entire Jesus brand.”

Ditka, who has polluted the market for years with unneeded food products, Arena football teams and overpriced Florida condos feels this is a match made in heaven. He had no comment after narrowly avoiding being hit with a lightning bolt upon exiting his restaurant.