The Jets made a player move following their Monday night trouncing of the Dolphins by signing Holley Mangold, sister of center Nick Mangold, to a preliminary contract that will place her on the team’s practice squad. Holley, a former high school football player turned Olympic weightlifting hopeful, has been on the Jets’ radar for a while.

“You can’t teach size,” said GM Mike Tannenbaum of the 323-pound Mangold. “She’s bigger than Nicky, and he’s a Pro Bowler, why not keep it in the family?”

Big bro Nick was on hand to watch Holley sign a contract that would place her on the Jets’ practice squad for the rest of the 2011-12 season. Nick, who has missed games this season with a variety of nagging injuries, also stated Holley would be next in line if he goes down again.

“We don’t even have to give her a different uniform,” he joked. “She can borrow mine since I’ve been hurt all the time anyway.”

Nick’s teammates, some of whom are friends of Holley’s, are thrilled to see her suit up in the green and white.

“No doubt in my mind that she is stronger than I am,” said Bart Scott, shouting inexplicably. “The girl can lift Brick [Ferguson] over her head. I CAN’T WAIT to see her on the sideline with me.”

The players were told they have full permission to hit Holley as if she were a man in practice on Tuesday, but were also informed she is off limits to date. Antonio Cromartie, a well-known “chubby chaser,” had to be restrained by teammates when he heard the news.