Bears GM Jerry Angelo took a deep breath and shook his head to loosen up the giant grin on his face before dialing one of the last numbers in his Rolodex, the Seattle Seahawks.

Angelo managed to keep from cracking up while offering a trade deal for safety Chris Harris, but lost it when Seahawks GM John Schneider said he would consider it and asked about the veteran defensive back’s skills.

“Im sorry, John. I’ll have to call you back,” was all Angelo could manage during an uncontrollable giggle fit.

“Something about hearing the words ‘skills’ and ‘Chris Harris’ in the same sentence … and the idea that somebody would be dumb enough to even consider giving anything of value for him. It’s too much,” Angelo said before slapping his cheeks, taking another deep breath and dialing the number for the St. Louis Rams. “I’m making progress, though. When I started with Arizona, I couldn’t even say Chris’ name without laughing. Graves must’ve thought I was high.”